Geography lesson

How is Cephallonia related to Albania and Macedonia (F.Y.R.O.M.)? According to BBC the Greek island “is near the border” with the two countries. I understand that Greece is a small country compared to Great Britain, but even by British standards Cephallonia has nothing to do with FYROM, a landlocked country. Corfu is near Albania, but there are no wildfires there, yet.

No brownie points for you today, BBC.


Did you know that your veins could go into hiding if you’re stressed? That’s the little titbit I picked up today.

I’ve known that my veins aren’t visible and therefore hard to find. My weight and genetics (thanks dad!) have been blamed for this, but never anxiety till this day. Today I spent 20 minutes with two nurses poking me and asking me stupid questions like “Where did you study? What is your degree?” to relax me. And this brings us to another point. I don’t understand why everyone who takes a look at me, well at my arms actually, thinks I’m scared. I don’t faint at the sight of a needle or blood and I do look during the whole procedure. Hmm, here’s a thought. Perhaps my veins don’t like incompetent nurses.

So, I’m supposed to go back tomorrow, relaxed and calm for more poking. I will indulge them and close my eyes and have a little chat about the weather and my job. I will pretend that I am able to overcome my non-existent fear.


  • Went to a funeral
  • Finished two books
  • Played yo-yo with a spider and its web
  • Had a close (not painfully close) encounter with a jellyfish
  • Donated blood to the local mosquito community

Wooden spoon

The logo for the 2012 Olympic Games was presented today[*] and all I can say is “Why?”. Why did they change their logo and why on earth did they decide on this one? It must be the most hideous logo in the history of Olympic Games.

First of all, it’s ugly. The jigsaw pattern looks amateurish and you have to look hard to see that it’s actually the year. There are different colour patterns, another innovation, but not positive, not if I am to judge it by the fuchsia-yellow combination. However, my biggest peeve is the absence of the Olympic rings. According to BBC, the committee was aiming for something more universal, for people to look beyond the Olympic Games. Well, I’m tired of that. There isn’t world peace, amateur athletes and “citius, altius, fortius”, but hard competition, professional athletes, doping and commercialism. So excuse me if I choose to see it as a global sport competition, the most important, but a sport competition nonetheless.

Some users have submitted their own designs and I must say they look like they’ve put more effort. So far, number 8 is my favourite. It has the design, below it the name of the city and the Olympic rings. All in all, a traditional logo. Yes, I’m a traditionalist, when it comes to Olympic logos.

So, it’s wooden spoon for me and from what I read, I’m not the only one who feels this way. London, that was an impressive beginning. I’ll be looking forward to your mascots. Can you make them uglier than ours?

[*] You won’t find any photos of the logo here. I remember quite well all the lawsuits regarding the logo of the 2004 Olympics and the links to the official site.

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The sign of the metro station

More photos can be found at the gallery.

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I wish the construction work going on didn’t demand a second post and particularly this one.

About an hour ago, I heard a noise, as if something was piling up rocks and dirt. I thought that surely not, the workers can’t be back, not on Sunday and went out to have a look. It wasn’t the workers after all, but the building next to the construction area. One of its wall had collapsed and there were some other cracks on the building. From what I could see there was water pooling in the construction area next to the wall and that was the cause of the collapse. Some people were calling for all the residents to evacuate. Sure enough the men living on the first floor were at their balcony checking the damage. Another one came out later drinking water!

The police arrived about half an hour ago and took everyone out. I think they are about to block the construction area and the buildings next to it.

Edit 1: I went down and had a look and I don’t think there is a problem on our side. I also took a photo from our balcony.

Edit 2 (8:30pm): The police advised us to move our cars, because the building is going to fall down after all. After driving aimlessly around the neighbourhood for 15 minutes, a space opened in front of our building (the dangerous house is at the back).
I feel for the families that will have to start their lives over again. They are poor people, most of them, if not all, immigrants.

Good morning

One of my favourites things is waking up at 6:45am by Lettie’s calls to other birds. No really, it is. Because at 7 construction workers begin.